Numi Organic Pu-erh Ancient Healing Tea

Mango Pu-erh Tea with Passion Fruit. It has 75% more antioxidants and has 40% less sugar than most iced teas. Independent ORAC test compare’s Numi’s Mango Pu-erh bottled ice tea to the average leading black ice tea brands. Mango Pu-erh has 163 while leading black iced tea brands have 93. ORAC measures antioxidant capacity (umoles of TE/oz) in foods and beverages.

Nowadays, health conscious people prefer products with more antioxidant but with less sugar. Thus the connotation is popular among health products.

What’s the skinny on Pu-erh? It is an ancient healing tea known for its healthy properties and rich taste. Tea leaves are fermented and have significantly more antioxidants than other teas. It traditionally known to: 1) improve digestion and metabolism, 2) help weight management along with a healthy diet and exercise, and 3) naturally boost energy without jitters.

numi organic pu-erh tea

It has the following ingredients: organic tea brew (purified water, organic black pu-erh tea), organic mango puree, organic sugar, organic passion fruit juice concentrate and citric acid.

The product is packed in sexy elegant bottle. Words “Numi” are embossed around near the bottom, and the words “the Purest Tea on the Planet” are embossed near the neck twice. Sealed with a customized tamper proof cap. The label has a non glossy finish which represents its organic nature.

Other tea variation in my possession is the Earl Grey Pu-erh with zesty bergamot orange. It has 2x more antioxidant and 40% less sugar than most iced teas. Again, according to ORAC test.

According to webmd, pue-erh tea is also made out plant Camellia sinensis, same plant use for making other regular teas. Pu-erh tea follows the post-fermented process, which includes both fermentation and aging process. The tea is believed to improve mental alertness, has antioxidants that might help protect heart and blood vessels and it may lower cholesterol levels due to lovastatin content.


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