The Sample NutraSweet Artificial Sweetener

It is a free artificial sweetener. The NutraSweet. I got it from food exhibit but can’t remember what exhibit it was and when it happened.

People use this kind of product to avoid the health hazard of using too much sugar but never want their beverage and sugar flavored food tasteless. Please be reminded that you must also be cautious when using this product. From the connotation, “too much of everything is bad”.

The first time I use a sweetener I this. I doubt it was too small to make a coffee sweet enough. I used two sachets and to my surprised, it became too sweet that I could barely finished my cup.

nutrasweet sampleThis time, I used one sachet. It was just right to fight back the bitterness of my black coffee. A coffee consisting of half teaspoon instant powder in a full mug.


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