More Than A Year Old Bubod For Making Pineapple Wine

Last July 15, I made my very own bubod from what Charming gave me. I stored it in clean fancy oval jar with a good seal but left it just beside my desktop computer for more than one year. The jar sure protected it from any contaminants but I doubt the room condition was not conducive to keep them dormant. I guessed they were permanently disabled.

cracked old bubod

The room where I stored the bubod was too warm during day time but too cold at night. The roof has no ceiling, allowing easy penetration of sun’s heat during hot sunny days. The gap between ceiling and roof and the opened door allowed quicker cooling when night time come. I was guessing the cold was favorable but the warmth was not. I should had stored it in refrigerator.

Doubtful, I still wanted to put it into test. Test if it can be used to make a pineapple wine.

pinya juice with bubod

Why pineapple? Bubod is intended for tapuy making.

This is a dual purpose experiment. A friend of mine is making high quality mango wine using bubod as fermenting agent. Maybe it is going to work on pineapple too. And, I can prove that bubod can be used to make good quality fruit wine.

To be continued…

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