Bring Your Own Cup

Having a sip of hot coffee while on the go is sure relaxing. You satisfied your desire but how about mother earth. You gonna throw the disposable cup somewhere for sure. The effort of replacing styrofor and plastic cups with biodegradable paper is good already. At least it won’t stay on land for thousand of years.

We thought the release of oxo-biodegradable plastic is good. Then after few years of circulation, concerned citizens and organizations are protesting it. It never helps much in reducing environmental waste. Come to think of it, it will never degrade easily if not hit by sun rays. The same is relevant with paper cups. The resin coating makes it resistant against degradation. The coffee you cherished will spill in no time if it is not made that way.

So it is a battle between making it food safe and biodegradable. The paper is biodegradable but will not hold water. They have to line it with thin plastic or resin of any sort. It is not completely biodegradable then.

Maybe it is better not use disposable at all. I see a store somewhere where every food items are contained in a dispenser. Customers are required to bring their own containers. This way no plastic or any kind of disposables are thrown away. It is like back to the old days when disposables were not invented yet.

Years ago, cities, one after the other began passing an ordinance banning the use of disposable plastic bags. Merchants are then forced to use brown paper bags. An environmental friendly but weak bags. I have to handle groceries very carefully every time. The dilemma comes when raining. Few water drops and the bag self destruct. I am sure others are in the same situation as me.

Customers have the option to bring their very own shopping bag or buy re-usable bag from the merchant. I thought it was hard but the people got use to it quickly.

The point here is clear. Coffee shops may stop serving with disposable cups and use re-usable cups instead. Require customers to bring their own. Have cups reserve for sale for new customers and for those who forgot theirs. The idea sounds easy and will be real easy if legislator made it into law.


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