Pakinuy:Wild Vine for Making a No-Cook Jelly!

Warning: I am not recommending this for any food or play purposes. I never know the safety of this wild vine. I have no capacity to conduct necessary tests. This vine has an extra-ordinary jelling property – worth publishing.

It is a vine with a heart shape leaves. The average leaf size is about four centimeters. The leaf surface is covered with numerous thin short hairs.

heart shape wild vine

According to wiki, jelly may refer to gelatin – a translucent substance extracted from the collagen inside animals’ connective tissue. A semi transparent dessert made of seaweed extract and or any starch capable of gelatinization. Setting the gel is done by heating then cooling.

This wild vine is different. It never need heat treatment. Just add generous amount of fresh leaves in water. Blend in an electric blender. Filter off the leaves. Place the extract in a separate container and allow to set.

The fresh leaves extract.

fresh extract

Jelly set after about 15 minutes.

formed jelly

Jelly removed from mold.

wild vine jelly

I never know the explanation behind this. Please explain it to me! The wild vine is locally known as pakinuy.





  • We used to play with this too but we cannot find pakinuy leaves anymore. Would you know where I can find this?

    • We are in the same situation. I rarely find it nowadays. Do you need it?

  • We also used to play with that during our childhood days but still I don’t know if it’s edible

    • We used to play with it too. Father taught us about it.

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