The Pancit Luglog

I drove to town plaza to achieve two purposes. First, buy an extra scrap wood for the construction of our new bed. Second, buy merienda for us including the one who was making the wooden bed.

The pancit luglog. I am always buying from my suking karinderya even though I am noticing that their recipe has gotten worse. They were selling it for 15 pesos per supot few years ago and they are still selling it for the same price and for the same quantity. I think their are reducing their overhead cost by omitting some essential flavorings.

My first encounter with pancit luglog was when I was in elementary school. It was part of the program called “feeding”. The luglog was in fresh banana leaves and supported by thin cellophane. The package contents were pancit bihon, egg slice, calamansi and a yellow sauce. It tasted awesome. From that date, I have been frequently asking my mom to buy me one.

Buying the pancit luglog. The store attendant and perhaps the cook too got a saucer. The saucer was way larger than ordinary. Measured pancit bihon and pancit mikimiki was about 1/5 of the total. Placed it in cellophane. Added the yellow sauce, ground black pepper, calamansi and chopped roasted garlic.

pancit luglog in cellophaneThe karinderya, always have puto cause it is the perfect partner. I never bought puto though. Puto, aka, the steamed rice cake. It is the Filipino version of American muffin.

I love eating pancit luglog but I have never cooked it for myself. I am looking forward to it.

mixed pancit luglog in bowl

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