The Peanut Bar From La Trinidad Benguet

The title does not mean the peanut bar in the picture came from La Trinidad Benguet. The person who brought the baked good here just came from Baguio City. Maybe it was made in the city, in La Trinidad, other town, or maybe other province. It was titled peanut bar because the last I bought was from Benguet State University.

It has been years since the last time I been to Benguet so I am also counting years without the taste, smell and even sight of peanut bar. Thanks to this guy  who gave me a single bar.

peanut barbitten peanut barThe province is popular for its Panagbenga Festival, strawberry farms and strawberry products, walis tambo, knitted clothes, peanut brittle and please, do not forget the  unique “peanut bar”.


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