A Pear (Peras) that Looks Like Apple


She bought this fruit as one of the 12 round fruits for new year. Round fruits are said to bring good luck. True only if you really work harder.

She said that the fruit is a pear or peras. I am not sure if it is really peras because most of the similar fruits I see have the shape similar to avocado fruit, oblong shape . The part in which the stalk attached is protruding.

The fruit has a shape similar to apple. The skin is yellow with plenty of brown dots. I think the thin rough skin can be eaten but I never like eating such tasteless and rough part.


The internal part is also similar to apple. The flesh will start to turn brown within a few seconds after opening. Eating the sweet flesh is like eating singkamas except that it is more juicy and sweet.

peras halves

The fruit will never last inside our refrigerator for more than two weeks If I discovered earlier that it is so delicious.


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