From Plain Pinipig to Pinipig Pops

Wow! Pinipig!

pinipig one

Where did they get their pinipig? I rarely been to market place ever since I started working again. I am not sure if there are plenty of pinipig there. If ever, I am going to ask my wife to buy a kilo for a buko con pinipig. I felt a sudden crave for the native food concoction.

What is pinipig?

Base from¬†hearsay, pinipig are flattened rice or whole rice flakes. Made of young green glutenous rice. Rice are pounded until sufficiently flat, either in large mortar and pestle, “wooden lusong” or by passing them through series of mechanical rollers. I am not sure about the latter but there is a high chance of possibility.

Pinipig can be eaten as is. A tough and flat tasting flakes enjoyed by many but not by me. I still want my buko con pinipig.

Roasted. Roasting process removes the toughness resulting to crunchy with slightly burnt edges. Better than the first but not as enjoyable as banana and potato chips. I am referring to enjoying the crispiness and not to taste properties.

Buko con pinipig. The flattened rice is allowed to softened in mixture of buko juice, buko strands, milk, sugar and ice.  A very refreshing snack and drink.

Sumang pinipig. A rice cake recipe using pinipig instead of regular glutenous rice. The first and last suman pinipig I ate was so good. However, I have a question about the process. Why do the maker needed to pound the young glutenous rice before turning it to suman? A plain young glutenous rice will do.

Pinipig pops. If there is a popcorn, there is a pop rice too and so there is a pinipig pops. Correct me if I am wrong.

She was telling me, it is just a regular pinipig similar to what vendors are selling in nearby public market. Confusing! All the pinipig soaked in hot oil became significantly bigger, crispy and very enjoyable to eat. It is pinipig pops.

pinipig pops

I asked where did she get the pinipig but I failed getting exact answer. She just keep on telling me a vague location.

Hope to find it soon!


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  • We are selling pinipig in negros occidental

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