Food Analyzers at your Fingertips

A device that let you know in an instant more information about the food you buy is nice but seems too good to be implemented by companies. Okay! What if there is another device able to give not just food information, but verify its correctness, and perhaps do the analysis if there is none provided. It is a powerful gadget about two times the size of regular flash drive. It fits in your pocket. Carry wherever and whenever you want. When shopping, point in on every item (like a flashlight) and read the actual food composition on smartphone.

Nice! If you think it is too good to be true, then, you are mistaken. The SCiO project has been up for quite some time on Kickstarter asking pledges for the launching of the gadget which functions as I stated above. It is a pocket size spectrometer which scans object in front, send it on cloud for analysis then send the result back to paired device.

pocket size spectro by scio projectNo idea about the gadget price yet.


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