Puke Coffee from Weasels, Civet Coffee?


Imagine yourself eating or drinking a vomit. Your own vomit or from someone else. Yucks! (Pardon to those whore are eating!)  But this one is a different story.

Vietnam weasels loves to eat coffee berries. But they cannot digest the seeds and they puke it out eventually. Coffee beans inside weasels stomach undergo fermentation which give it the difference in flavor. Puked coffee beans are roasted and packed  >> the Weasel Puke Coffee. See this coffee at ThinkGeek.  Here in Philippines, we have the local version called the coffee alamid.

I have never tasted the coffee yet. For those who had a shot, please let me know?


The alamid coffee is not a vomited coffee beans. Civet cats are carefully choosing ripe coffee beans and eat them. Pulps are digested but the seeds are not. Coffees goes way down to stomach, small and large intestines and anus. Then finally out as fecal matter. A fecal coffee in short!

Civet cats can be fed with coffee to produce the very expensive kind. However, these animals are very picky and like to eat less. That explains why coffee alamid cannot be mass produced.



  • i got the one frm benguet and thats splendid! something like tripping (its not drug though). i suppose something else than ordinary coffee is contained. its absolutely the best taste and smell in my 49s life.

    • Then the taste is really superior. It really deserves its expensive price!

  • Nice search buddy, Me even don't know the taste. Hope to hear more on this, maybe from vietnamese friend.

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