Apple Juice Should be Red?

His hands were reddish. He was drinking and playing with the apple juice at the same time.

red apple juice

A mango juice is yellow because a ripe mango color is yellow. The same is true with ripe pineapple. Tomato ketchup is red because the ripe tomato is red. The argument arise when it comes to yellow banana. A certain commercial suggest that its color should be yellow, not red.

During the banana making process, a dye is added to achieved a red color similar to tomato ketchup. If addition of dye is skipped the resulting color is dirty white with numerous black spots.

This apple juice has a red shade. Apple juice should be red? Hell no! The only red part in apple is the thin skin. The flesh is white. It turns brown easily when cut. Passing it through a blender or juice extractor will result will result to a brown apple puree or brown apple juice respectively. If the browning process can be prevented, the result will be colorless juice or white puree.

A red apple juice is a hoax. Perhaps a mixture of water, dye and artificial flavoring.


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