Reinvented Palutang | Long, with Grated Coconut and pardo/muscovado sugar

Palutang or glutenous rice floats as its name suggest, cooked or ready for serving when it floats on boiling water.

It is made by: grinding glutenous rice between manually operated grinding stones or thru electrically operated metal burrs. Adding just right amount of water and kneading to a dough like consistency. Forming into small balls and flattening like saucers. Then dropping one by one in boiling water until it all float. Finally, serving the glutenous rice floats with semi-matured grated coconut and sugar.

I eat this traditional recipe but not much. It taste flat and often hard to swallow.

These palutang is different. It has a flat and long appearance. Almost fully coated with semi-matured (alangan) grated coconut and comes with muscovado/pardo sugar.

palutang with pardo sauce

All the palutang pieces are neatly arranged on tray. Upon order, the saleslady will placed it in cellophane plastic and add some brown pardo. After while, the sugar draws out liquid from palutang and forms a dark colored liquid sauce. The pardo is the main feature of these palutang. It gives a sweet, sour and a little salty flavor to the reinvented delicacy.

Another thing. It is not hard to swallow.


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