A Charging Station Inside Resto

If I had a charging cable with me, then I could have tried this charging station. It is mounted on wall just beside the table.

wall mounted usb charger

As you clearly see in the picture. Instead of a common outlet and light switch, the receptacle is equipped with two USB ports. It was the first time I saw such and I cannot think other purpose than charging mobile devices.

It offers benefits and disadvantage to restaurants having such. However, I am seeing it more of the first than second. Customers can conveniently charge their gadgets while enjoying their meal.

This idea is great for fine dining and cafe too, where customers where customers spend more time conversation than eating. Others do work while some do business meetings. Having available socket to keep gadget powered up is necessary.

However, if the nature of business is fast food with affordable meals to eat. The idea should be scrap off. Think of what happens when customers keep on staying for the sake of charging gadgets. There gonna be less seats for incoming costumers. It is a good idea for newly opened establishment then trim down when customers start flocking in.

Want the same in your office and house? It can be bought online already and going to be cheaper anytime soon. If you got some tinkering skills, then you can DIY the whole thing.  If would be cheaper if you have spare 5V power supply and USB receptacles on hand.

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