Rock and Pebble Sweet Candies

rock and pebble sweet candies

While many choose to follow design norms, erratic few opposed it. Staying away from tradition for the sake of uniqueness.

It is customary to label chocolate with brown shade but some are choosing green, blue and red. I, myself is using green and red. The first to emphasize organic character, and the second is simply literal. Just to be unique.

The next example are candies. Sweets that my kids found while mall strolling.

Candies should look sweet and attractive. They usually appear in assorted bright colors. These bright colors stimulate children senses. Explains why kiddie shows whether educational or not are brightly set.

There are two unique candy types in the line. The rocks and pebbles. It sure grabbed my attention, but not enough to open my wallet.

rock and pebble sweet candies

As expected, my kids never chose the rocks and pebbles. Perhaps they are into conclusion that they are seeing real rocks and pebbles. I myself would conclude right away that they are indeed rocks and pebbles if not for sale in candy store. I couldn’t distinguish them from real based on appearance alone.


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