The San Mig Coffee Chococino

I wanted Kopiko Kopiccino but by auntie gave me San Mig Coffee Chococino instead, a chocolate flavored coffee mix. My original choice was not available and seemed I had no other choice. I dropped 6.50 pesos for one sachet. Fifty centavos more than the printed suggested retail price.

I think the suggested retail price on label of any food product does not serve its function well. It’s only applicable within the metro where transportation cost is less. Driving the product to provinces requires additional expenditures which add up to final retail cost.

According to sari-sari store owner, how can she sell a sachet for six pesos if her capital is six pesos. Business is business. It needs income for survival.

If I was not mistaken, it’s nearest competitor is the Kopiko Kopiccino. Both instant coffee product has the syllable “ccino” (“cino” for San Mig). The lower printed suggested retail price is a marketing strategy. It cost about 2 pesos lower. For the same penny, three Kopiccino equals four Chococino. It is very tempting for budget savvies.

The printed SRP also serves another indirect purpose. Any vendor would hesitate to do overpricing, like selling it for 10 peso or higher.

san mig coffee chococino

Taking a sip. I got a cup of hot water. Poured the chococino contents to it and stirred gently. I was a bit dissapointed. The foamy top expectation was not observed. Maybe I was expecting too much. This “cino” never produced any foam. Maybe it was not formulated to produce foam.

The chocolate flavored chococino was too sweet. It was too sweet for me cause I am a black coffee drinker. I am sure it taste good for individuals adding two teaspoons sugar per serving.

I am not encouraging anyone to drink coffee. In case you want, I suggest taking brewed black coffee. Real coffee taste can only be enjoyed when it is black.


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