She Has Been Selling Graham Balls

I have been noticing her every Saturday, sitting about 300 meters away from the main entrance. With her is a clear transparent  tumbler which contains numerous brown balls. I think her place is a conducive location to sell. It is a covered walk where lots of students and employees pass by. She is on his own and not competing with anyone.

What she has been selling? I parked my owner-type-jeep and politely shouted, “What was that?”. She came near me with the tumbler so we can understand each other clearly. Perhaps she wanted me to buy!

Hmmmm….. Graham Balls. I bought ten pieces for 50 pesos. She implied, it was pretty delicious that buying only one would not be enough for me.

grahamm ballsShe is right. It is even addictive. I have eaten three pieces straight and still wanting to take more. I restrained myself however cause I want my son and wife to have it too.

Graham Ball is a marshmallow coated with graham and rolled on desiccated coconut.



  • where did u see these graham balls?

    • indang, cavite

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