Special Silvanas from Munoz Nueva Ecija

It felt like we’re in the middle of never ending rice field. I was seeing rice when I look right and left, and front and back. There were few patches of other vegetables though, but, basically, this place is such a giant rice field.

I was thinking what could I brought home with me. Rice was a good option, but who was excited on receiving a kilo or two. I was sure all my neighbors and relatives have plenty of stocks. Onions was another good option. A kilo only cost 20 pesos. I think I need a sack or two make a significantly cheaper buy. Wait! two sacks. I already have two big traveling bags. My friends also have their big bags. We might got short on vehicle space.

If I was not mistaken the shortest place to buy pasalubongs was two hours away. I was still lucky I guess. Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit sold us special carabao milk pastillas. I got two boxes for my kids.

Another thing I got were these Silvanas. We toured around on our fourth training day. Stopped via small specialty shop.  Almost all of my co-trainees bought two boxes each. I also bought two boxes without knowing first what it really was. I just bet on the fact that they bought. It must be something delectable. Something that my wife and two kids will like.

special silvanasOkay, time to evaluate. Again, this was after giving one box to my mom, leaving us only one box for the feast.

It is a bread, an oblong flattened bread with a color and texture similar to chicken nuggets. I am guessing it is a fused bread crumbs. The middle portion is a creamy milk. Now I get it why the pretty store staff told us to keep it frozen. To preserve the milk. The first bite reminds me of graham balls, but without the taste of chocolate, marsh mallows and dessicated coconuts.

special silvanas bread


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