Skipping Blog?

I can’t remember how many days I have skipped writing for this blog. One day, two days, one week. I lost track of time that I never want to see the date of my last blog post. I missed a lot of blog topics. The likes of unique but instant Korean Gingeng Tea I drank few days ago. A new ice cream flavor we ate last weak. The two side by side pizza parlor in town. The interesting green coffee drink. And, the new hit superfruit, the acai berry. There were other things worth writing that I let go in order to fulfill other tasks.

Here are the list of task that I have been doing.

Studying Python and R programming language. It is a bit odd that a food blogger like me is studying job meant for programmers. Don’t be surprised. I hard coded these wordpress blog theme all by myself using CSS and PHP. Python and R are necessary programming language for scientific computing which is the main component of our NIR project.

Building prediction models for rice protein and corn protein and moisture. Models for corn attributes are being done in our own laboratory. But, we traveled all the way to PhilRice, Nueva Ecija for rice protein attribute.

We needed crack corn samples with varying amount of protein content. It is possible but hard to source it using different corn varieties. As an easier option, I setup a protein spiking experiment. Several sets of wet cracked corn were added with varying amount of urea and then fermented for two weeks.

Helped my boss in finishing the new project proposal. Our current is such a pain but we are very eager to get another.

I am on the rush to finish my masteral thesis this coming October.

I was suddenly hired as part-time instructor. My schedule is only on Fridays but it grabbed me considerable amount of free time. Plus, the time I am spending for preparing class lessons.

Wish me luck. My career is changing and it might changed forever. However, one thing is for sure. I won’t let go of this blog. I will do my very best to make it grow.

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