Dipping Sour Guyabano in Salt

I got one big guyabano fruit. It looked yummy and I cannot wait to eat its luscious flesh. I set the fruit aside and waited several days for it to ripe.

The few days of wait was not worth. The guyabano I was waiting for was very sour.

sour guyabano on plate

My friend came. He saw the ripe soursop. I said It was sour. Eating such was disappointing. I planned to make it sweeter by processing to juice.

My words never affected him. He went straight to kitchen. He got a fork and salt.  He took soursop flesh by piercing it with a fork. Then dipped in salt before taking in.

It was weird. He was dipping the guyabano in salt. Sour and salty taste is not a usual mix. The common thing I know is sweet and sour. I asked him how it taste. He replied  it was good. I tried it and it was indeed good. The sourness was almost disappeared. The sour guyabano became sweet.

Salt seems to contradict too much sourness. I remembered it can be used to counteract too much hotness of chili sauce.

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