Disposable Spoons: Why We Still Use It?

Before, I always used plastic spoon and fork whenever eating in fast food resto. They were serving food with disposables so I had no choice. A little bigger than metal counterparts. Slightly pliable and too fragile. Breaks easily and often need to ask for replacement. Sharp edges are rare find that sometimes enough to bruise mouth or prick a finger.

It was inconvenient. The reason why I opt not to eat in particular restaurants. Stainless steel spoon and fork are simply the best. I am sure most of you feel the same way.

Due to their disposable nature and lack of recycling facilities. The destination point after use are dumpsites, water canals, sea and forest.

It seem they became aware and switch to metal counterparts. Paper plates also became elegant ceramics.

However, we cannot get away with plastic spoon and fork with our current situation.

You are not supposed to include metal spoon inside pack lunches. How are you gonna collect it back? Equipping it with GPS tracking device is absurd. Adding cost to cover it is another option but will make the package price stiff.

The scenario during birthday party and Christening. You invited all the people in barrio, including your friends and relatives outside of town. The day after, several plates and utensils are missing. Where did they go?

No need to search. The lost items are properly distributed among neighbors. Visiting your house to greet, get food and go home again to eat conveniently. However, carrying the used utensils back is a hard task. Lot of items are lost this way. We even experienced loosing a complete set of serving spoon.

The next time, to avoid lost of utensils and lessen the labor of washing dishes, you gonna use disposables instead. Why not? The cost of one spoon equates to a pack of disposables. The same maybe true to plates.

Disposable styrofor cups, plates and lunchboxes and plastic cups have been replaced by paper versions. On the other hand spoon and fork are still made of plastic. Creating them from paper is possible but it won’t be usable.

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  1. Biodegradable spoon and forks (made from corn starch or something like that) are already being sold inside Landmark supermarkets here in Manila for at least two year ago as far as I know. You can visit them if you have time. 🙂

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