Ang Sundot Kulangot

An array of seven balls in between four crudely made bamboo sticks. Sticks are held together with plastic straws to secure all seven balls in place. Each ball is about twice as big as regular marbles. Half covered with a red paper to hide the cut.

sundot kulangot onesundot kulangot 2Numerous minute ants are trying to get inside the ball. Evidence that what ever inside is sweet.

The piece of red paper is actually a seal to connect the two coconut looking shell halves together and contain a small piece of food.

The shells really resemble a coconut shell but a smaller version. I am trying to find out what it really is but no one could seem answer me.

single sundot kulangotRemoving the red seal reveals the little gel clinging on side of the shell. A soft brown candy with a texture a little harder than fruit jam. The other half is nothing but decoration. From its absurd name, “sundot kulangot“, one must get it with a little finger, like how we get the nasty hardened mucus from our nose.

opened sundot kulangotThe Philippine native food has extra large counterpart. I am guessing it is known as “kulangot ng intsik“.

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