Wafer Sticks : What Is Superstix Activ-E4?

Wafer sticks are a bread resembling the shape of a hollow tube. The flavor is applied inside in a spring like pattern. It became a hottie due to its unique presentation, yummy taste and cheap price. It looks like a pencil that can be put inside the mouth.

If I was not mistaken, the pioneer brand of wafer sticks here was the Stik-O. She used to liked it when she was pregnant to our first baby. Other brands are Superstix and Nissin. I think this two are new. The first flavor was chocolate then they are now producing other flavor variants.

To gain more market, the brand Superstix packed their product in a lunch box. Yes it really look like a rectangular lunch box.It can be used a lunch box when all the wafer sticks are munched.

The plastic box is freezer safe and food safe as indicated on bottom. It is made of polypropylene polymer – generally recommended for food contact. Can be used for microwave heating.

This wafer stick has activ-e4. I searched over google and found no results about the meaning of activ-e4. The brand is active in television commercials so I waited for it. Still found nothing. Their television ad is stating the same thing. Superstix is now with energy boosting activ-e4. It is a good source of Vitamins B1, B2, iron and calcium. Calcium is included though it was not mentioned on front label panel.

superstix activ e4

TheĀ  Activ-E4 might be the four nutrients namely:

1) Calcium = 6 mg
2) Iron = 6 mg
3) Vitamin B1 = less than 1 mg
4) Vitamin B2 = less than 1 mg

The amount of nutrients indicated is per serving basis. Anyone would get those amount every single wafer stick. Plus an additional of 14 g carbohydrates.


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  • ilan ba ang laman ng superstix na nasa bilog na container?

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