Don't Let The Sweet Corn Lose Its Sweetness

I love sweet corn more than any other corn varieties. My reasons are the same as yours. It is big and has succulent and naturally sweet kernels. One more thing, its golden yellow appearance is attractive.

Harvest sweet corn at proper stage of maturity, the milk stage, a time when juice in kernel appears milky when punctured. It is relatively a short period. Ears should be ready about three weeks from silking time. Too young corn have watery kernel while too old have tough texture.

The sugar in sweet corn is quickly converted to starch at high temperatures, giving it a bland taste. It may lose 50% sweetness within 12 hours storage. Process or eat it immediately after harvesting or store at freezer compartment. Remove it from husks before freezing.

Some cultivars have extended storage quality. However, there is nothing could be done to stop to conversion except freezing.

Boiled corn cooking tip. Cook immediately right after harvest. Add a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar to boiling water to maximize the sweet flavor.

ref: Growing Sweet Corn, by B. Rosie Lerner and Michael N. Dana


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