Questioning the Sweetness of Yellow Sweet Corn

I was assuming all corn are created equal in terms of taste. I think mom implanted this thinking to my mind ever since. This was the reason why we usually buy  the smaller and ordinary white corn. Buying the latter is more economical. We were getting more for every money spent.  More mouth fed for the same amount tendered.

I bought one kilogram yellow sweet corn. They were relatively bigger than others considering that four cobs weighed one kilogram. Each cob average weight was 250 grams.

I set it aside for few hours to do some regular work. I was surprised when I saw the numerous red ants biting the corn into pieces and hauling it to their own food warehouse. If the ants are attracted to it, then it must be really sweat. I shook the cobs to drive away all ants. Took off one kernel and tried if for myself. It is soft and sweet. I think I can finish eating it all without cooking. However, my wife stopped me from doing so. She insisted that it should be boiled first.

four yellow sweet cornants on yellow sweet corn

I dipped it in boiling water for ten minutes to avoid further conversations. The light yellow color became bright yellow. The hot water became very light yellow as a result of corn pigment diffusion. The corn became sweeter and more delicious.   boiling yellow sweet corn


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