Make A Sweeter Bread For Rural Customers

I heard about this tip when I attended a Bakery Summit at Word Trade Center. I was not writing for this blog back then so details like when and source person were not important.  The summit had exhibits and seminars.  One of the staffs of bakery supplies spoke for the seminar. He gave some tips for bakers and baker wannabes. One of the tip he said was to make a sweeter bread for rural customers and less sweet for urban people.  He elaborated it further. Bake a sweeter bread if most of the customers are from C and D brackets and less sweet if from classes A and B.


The explanation behind. C and D classes people have lesser money to spend. They tend to select bargain products like buy one take one, combo and affordable foods like noodles and canned sardines. A sweeter bread is like a combo product, a bread and a spread in one. They prefer sweeter breads so they can enjoy it even without buying a separate spread.

On the other hand, A and B classes have plenty of money. They often buy a spread of choice together with the bread. In a sandwich, the spread flavor is more important than of bread’s. Bread sweetness is ignored.

Note: This refers  to a plain bread like loaf and monay.


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