Using The 1 Gram Stevia Powder in Sachet

The first time I used an artificial sweetener in my coffee, I never knew it was an artificial. Talking about complete ignorance. I thought why the sachets were so little. One or two were surely not enough to sweeten a regular cup of coffee. I used two sachets and was surprised with the results. The coffee became too sweet.

Now I have four Stevia sachets. Another artificial sweetener extracted from stevia herb. I know a little about it cause I used to raise two stevia pots on our house windows. I bought and grew it in hope I can use it directly in some food preparations.

green stevia sugar substituteI dumped the plants away after finding out that it tasted bitter sweet. A literal mixture of sweet and bitter tastes with a typical medicinal taste. The sweet component could be separated from undesirable substances but requires use of non-edible chemicals.

I am assuming the four 1-gram sachets I have are sweet without or with only trace of bitterness. I also assumes that one sachet is enough to sweeten a cup.

stevia and instant coffee powderI like my coffee black, whether it is brewed or instant. I am adding a sachet of stevia powder for the sake of taste judgement.

stevia powder on tablespoon mug After a while, I feel like drinking a medicinal coffee. Slightly sweet, bitter (instant coffee bitterness), and the typical medicinal taste of fresh stevia.



  • Hello. I started using green stevia (gx). i like my coffee strong and quite bitter so adding stevia is just right for me.. Im satisfied with the sweetness. My only concern is I read somwhere that white powder is not good because it is processed unlike the green powder. My question is, does white powder have the qualities ( I read somwhere that it lowers blood sugar). I tried stevia because first, I want to enjoy my coffee with the right sweetness, and two, Im concerned about my blood sugar because and diabetic and Im wondering if your product can really lower blood sugar.

    • Stevia is alternative sweetener and will not increase your blood sugar.

      Consuming sucrose, fructose, glucose and any form of carbohydrate that will later reduce to these simple forms will increase blood sugar level.

  • hi marvin! i am also a representative of gx international inc..First of all, thank you for trying our product We appreciate and respect your honest opinion about the 1 gram sachet of green stevia.

    i would just to clarify a few things regarding the product for your future reference. When we were in the developmental stages of the brand we wanted it to be all natural product from fertilizer to extraction and even in processing of green stevia, This was to answer a need for a natural sweetener that does not contain any calories or for that matter a natural product that does not raise the blood sugar levels of the weight conscious and more so for the 5 million diabetics in the Philippines.

    We are saddened that green stevia did not meet your taste specifications, although we also wanted it to be instantly sweet like the refined sugars available in the market, we chose to go for the more natural extraction of the product by using just plain water instead of the usual alcohols like ethanol and methanol. As an end result you will not only get the sweetness but also the natural taste of the plant. Also just like brown sugar, it takes a little longer (30 second to one minute)for the sweetness to dissolve into the coffee which is probably why you had to put 4 sachets in your cup of coffee.

    Lastly, i also tried green stevia with the coffee you indicated in your post and for one reason or another i would agree with you that the taste does not jive together. Not the way i want it to, although this also is my personal opinion. But i believe if you try it with another brand then perhaps you would have a different experience as shown by the loyal patrons of the product. If it is amenable to you maybe we could meet and have another cup of coffee with green stevia so we could see if any improvements can be made for the sake of those who are deprived of sweetness because of diabetes. After all in the end and based on your posts, we still have the same goals which is to provide natural and healthy foods for our countrymen.


    • Thanks for dropping by!

      I hope my personal opinion never affects your product sales. Conducting and publishing consumer’s accomplished comments are my goals but I am still finding time to do it. About 100 persons, statistically selected, provide more realistic product review.

      I am glad to know that you opt for natural product extraction and I am sure, customers will be glad if they know about it.

      Good day!

    • i am so glad to know that your product GX green Stevia is naturally processed. may I know its complete ingredients? As I have known that Pure stevia is very inhibits the production of Dental carries.

      • Hi Hecel!

        First of all, its nice to know that more people are getting interested with Green Stevia the product and of course stevia the plant. Hopefully, this could lead to less people having diabetes and other complications brought about by having too much sugar in our diet.

        To answer your first question, Green Stevia contains sweet extracts of the stevia rebaudiana bertoni plant or to put in in more common terms, sweet juices from the leaves. it also contains maltodextrin which is a purified starch from potatoes.

        Maltodextrin is also considered a natural ingredient, as you will find a lot of all natural products available in the market today that contains this starch. It is more often used as a filler, since using pure stevia powder would make the product too sweet for consumption.

        Secondly, it is already documented that stevia does improve the health of your gums, at the same time prevent dental carries. But the amount of stevia in our product is not enough to give you that benefit per se. Although consequently since you are not using sugar, which is the identifiable culprit in the formation of dental carries, the substitution of green stevia in you drinks would lessen any problems with teeth and gums associated with too much sugar.

        Hope this helps Hecel.

        Have a good one!

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