Things To Do If The Burong Mustasa Is Too Salty

A handful salt is subjective. Three separate handfuls are going have different weights even if all gotten in exactly the same manner using the same hand. The senses of sight and feel have no capacities to determine if all three have the same weights. The more if the three separate handfuls will be gathered by different hands. The differences in palm sizes will be great sources of errors.

burong mustasa

That was one of the reasons why her burong mustasa became so salty. The first reason, she added a handful of salt to one liter water and stirred until dissolved. It was her co-employee’s instruction. The second reason, she never knew how much mustard must be added to that liter of water. She just all dropped what she had. More weight for the same brine solution will result to saltier and vice versa.

It was good, it was indeed delectable if lesser salt was added.

Here were what I did to lessen the saltiness. I drained it well and replaced with fresh liter of water. Let stood for few hours. Then, repeated.

It carried some nutrients away, but at least it became less harmful for the kidneys. The saltiness was just right but it lose lot of good flavors. It was still not enjoyable to eat in the end.

Try again, my dear! You can get it right next time.


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