Reason Why Some Pandesal (Bread) are Tough

a half eaten pandesal bread

I usually got disappointed when the pandesal (bread) I bought was tough, as in makunat. I cannot judge whether the bread is tough or not before buying. Based on my experience, all pandesal that I bought are soft while still warm. Then some of them got tougher when cold.

I avoid buying from vendors and bakeries who sells tough bread. They should have a strict quality control to maintain product quality.

After spending a couple of minutes googling, I found out that adding too much flour during dough kneading will result in a dry, tough and flavorless bread. The dough should be kneaded for 8 to 10 minutes in order to have a silky smooth texture.

Some amateur bread makers do not have enough knowledge on baking. They should continue educating themselves to have a delectable and salable bread of uniform quality.

a half eaten pandesal bread


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