Do You Still Buy Chocolates As Homecoming Gift / Pasalubong?

My uncle arrived from abroad. He had chocolates as homecoming gifts. My two cousins arrived from abroad too and they had chocolates as homecoming gift too.

chocolate pasalubong

When I was a child I was really excited when someone is about to come home from abroad. I really wanted the taste of those sweet and yummy imported chocolates. Chocolates are also available in nearby groceries and sari-sari stores but they are inferior in term of taste, appearance and texture.

Now, seeing chocolates seem to be an ordinary thing. Popular chocolate brands that could only bought abroad are now available locally. Go to SM, Robinson, Mercury Drug, 7-eleven etc… and you can buy the chocolate of choice.

The prize and kind of pasalubong is not important but receiving a chocolate as homecoming gift is not exciting – not even surprising. Chocolate is a common thing.

What am I trying to emphasize? If you are working abroad and about to go home. Think of something different as pasalubong e.g. a unique food product that can only be found in that country. The same is true if you are going to see someone abroad, give him a unique product as present e.g. kalamay buna, lambanog, bukayo, piyaya, shingaling etc…

Receiving something different is really exciting!


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