Rambutan Bytes: Tuklapin, Supsupin and the Half-Half

The battle between two Rambutan varieties has long ended. The battle between tuklapin and supsupin. The winner is tuklapin.

several rambutan fruitsThe two terms are not real variety name. They are Tagalog terms popularized by Rambutan lovers.

What is tuklapin? Rambutan is called tuklapin if the flesh is not sticking to seeds. It is more enjoyable to eat just because the flesh is easier to get.

Some seed testa are taken together with the flesh. Testa is the thin woody seed covering. Flat tasting and often irritating in throat when swallowed. Irresistible rambutan flavor often mask it. Just pay attention to yummy flesh instead of irritating seed coat.

What is supsupin? The Pilosopo Tasyo of defining term, it is the opposite of tuklapin. The flesh sticks firmly on seeds making it hard to remove. Anyone must suck it for a while, then discard the seeds with lots of leftover flesh. Sucking is equivalent to Tagalog term supsupin.

The irritating part is not able to remove all the flesh from seed. Why buy supsupin if tuklapin is available? The latter should be priced relatively cheaper to attract buyers.

More often, the supsupin is juicier and sweeter than tuklapin.


Lately, we were encountering rambutan fruits which are half tuklapin and half supsupin. Half of the flesh got stuck on seeds. A bit frustrating. The said fruits were coming from known tuklapin trees. Maybe those threes are half-breed, affected by cross pollination or result of other factors such as soil fertility. half tuklapin supsupin


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