The Bad Smelling Unsoy Vegetable

I love this but I never buy it often. Why? Because I am the only one eating it. My brothers, sister, parents, wife and son never like it. They are complaining about its bad smell – amoy atangya. It has the smell similar to stink bug.

The vegetable is indeed bad smelling but good tasting. The taste is slightly bitter and slightly chili. It is eaten as is or as salad. Best with tomatoes, onions and salted egg or dried fish.


It really taste good. Close your nose and eat!

enseladang unsoy




  • ang sarap nyan te, lagi ako nabili nyan pero seasonal lang.. terno yan sa paksiw na bisugo,pangat na sapsap o pritong isda..unsoy na may kamatis at sibuyas tagalog.. yum yum yum

  • it smell like hell but taste like heaven!

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