The Generic Package of Vigan Jat's Chichacorn

The affordable looking package is made for six crunchy corn flavors. They are Garlic, Barbeque, Cheese, Sweet & Spicy, Adobo and Sweet. Along with each flavor indication is a box that could be marked by the packer with a permanent marker.

vigan chichacornThere are also six separate ingredients listing. All have common corn and vegetable oil plus their corresponding flavor. I am guessing it is a special pack for Christmas season. Santa Claus image and the slogan “Season’s Greetings” are proof.

Like I said before, using generic packaging saves a lot of cash for start-up business and for those who needs not to many packages for promotions and test products. A friend told me her similar package cost about 35k per press run. If this price holds true for chichacorn, then running separate label for each flavor would have cost around 210k. Generic saves 175k that could be use for other capital purposes.

vigan chichacorn backCrunchy corn are normally salty, so consume it in moderation.

Thanks to Julius for giving me this crunchy corn!


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