What is Kapeng Barako? / Coffee Characteristics

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My mother used to boil kapeng barakoo as our daily morning coffee when I was still young ( now, people are indulge in a convenient way of preparing instant cup of coffee).

They are referring kapeng barako as ground coffee and the readily soluble commercial coffee as instant. Most of us have a perception of calling ground roasted coffee as “Kapeng Barako”. Or calling any coffee coming from Cavite and Batangas as “Kapeng Barako”.

Kapeng Barako refers to coffee variety Liberica.  It is different from Excelsa but most the time, they are combined during harvesting and known as kapeng makapal to coffee farmers. It is characterized by its broad three leaves, big beans and a very strong pharmacopical taste.

Due to government and entrepreneur’s  effort, our very own Barako Coffee is gaining a world-wide acceptance.

What is pharmacopical taste ?

I really do not know the meaning of this term “pharmacopical”. I tried spending a couple of hours googling but I failed to found any explanations.

The close match for the word “pharmacopical” are pharmacopoeia, pharmacy and pharmacology. These words are about medicine and the common denominator between coffee and medicine is the bitter taste.

Then, is it right to say that Barako Coffee has a very strong bitter taste ?

freshly brewed coffee and tea maker



  • Is barako coffee really have bad effects to our health especially to our digestive system?

    • for any coffee, you’re going to feel stomach pain if you drink too much. Too much cause hyper-acidity.

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