Imported Goods Everywhere, Why?

What am I thinking every time I see imported goods? Maybe you are thinking of the same thing or the complete opposite!

I saw imported pack of green coffee beans recently. Imported coffee from Singapore. A bit weird cause the country is not a popular coffee source.

indonesian coffee beans from singapore

Going back to real topic. Why do imported coffee exist? It exist because we Filipinos are coffee lovers. Lovers of the second most traded good in the world. We love it so much that our own production cannot suffice our needs. We are importing it from other nations to fulfill the gap.

Number one is lack of supply or overflowing demand. Let’s go and count other possible reasons.

Please be reminded that this article does not only pertains to coffee. It covers all imported goods.

Consistent quality. If local producers cannot maintain consistent quality product. Then the next user might buy the specified material from foreign sources. Not enough rice supply? There are plenty in other countries rice granaries, waiting patiently for purchase orders.

Lower cost. Do you think it is weird? Imported frozen pork cost lower than our own. Imported Thailand and Vietnam rice are more affordable. China made foods and toys are priced ridiculously low that we never wanted buying any local’s.

Consistent supply. A friend of mine who is producing mango wine asked me, supply him with cocoa nibs. He need a consistent huge supply whole year round. It did not matter if I priced it higher as long as I can deliver whenever he needed.

Yes, importing is often needed for a true consistent supply.

Colonial mentality. Local supply is sufficient but we wanted what we believed are better. We also believed that it could uplift our personality and would made us look more socy. Buying locally made would never do any good.


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