Why use wine, brandy etc… for cooking?

Drink wine moderately. It’s good for health in moderate amounts. Causes temporary insanity if too much is taken. Causes organ failures if too much is taken everyday. In cooking, addition of little alcohol is good, too much might ruin the dish.

Many recipes actually call for it! Why?

1) Adds flavor. The alcoholic taste if added at latter part of cooking process and not heated much. The beverage flavorĀ  components are concentrated by heating process. Sulfites and other preservatives if there is any.

2) Removes the disagreeable fishy flavor. A function similar to ginger. Drives away foul fishy favor and the disagreeable taste of beef and goat meat. Add wine instead if ginger doesn’t fit the dish. Using vinegar instead is also effective.

3) Hasten cooking time. It seems not significant. After adding the brandy, the food is ignited by pointing the pan side against the flame. The large flame produced hasten cooking.

4) The burning flavors. Burning alcohol creates a little burnt flavor and other complex taste resulting from reaction to other components, the roasting effect.

5) It intensify overall food taste. Maybe it’s the fifth taste added by wine, the umami flavor. Or maybe just a weird effect of alcohol intoxication. Any woman could be beautiful in the eye of tipsy person. The same goes for food.

Using different wine types differs the end results. Grape wine impart grape flavor, mango wine gives mango taste. Expensive wines have more subtle flavors and may give more desirable taste. The type of alcoholic beverage might also give significant differences. Example – either anisado wine or gin is good for various commercial meat products. A friend of mine prefer using anisado wine because it gives more delicious flavor as commented by his customers.



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