Lots of Free Taste at WOFEX 2013

Buying food to eat while in food exhibition was not necessary. There were lots of free foods there.

These were the foodies I tasted during the recently concluded WOFEX 2013.

Chocolate on a chocolate fountain. They provided biscuits so visitors don’t have to get their hands dirty.

chocolate fountain

Cocktails. They were not giving away full glasses. They had small disposable cups for those who wanted to try.


Soft bread. Samples made using the machineries on background.

soft bread slices

Bigger breads are better. I guessed few were being made every 30 minutes to one hour.

big breads are better

Jelly ace from Mr. Gulaman. The company manufactures carageenan. jelly ace mr gulaman

Ice cream on cone. They were really eager to give those ice cream away.

ice cream from vendo machine

Candies straight from Korea. They are herbal candies.

korean candies 1 korean candies 2

Sausage slices.


Variety of meat balls.

different meat balls

Tea, tea and tea.

tea number 1 tea number 2 tea number 3

Red, yellow and dried bell peppers. Free taste to those who eat it plain.

yellow red and dry bell pepper

Peche peche, aka peachy peachy.

peche peche

Hot instant coffee.

hot instant  coffee

Ginseng infused spirit. They took the ginseng out before packing.

ginseng infused spirit

Old fashioned cocoa drink.

cocoa native chocolate drink





Nacho chips.

nacho chips

Mixed nuts.

mixed nuts

Cotton candy. He was a circus guy I guessed.

cotton candies

Mini fruit tartellets. I ate lot of these then got a little dizzy after.

mini fruit tartellets

Chinese noodles.

chinese noodles

C-Lium Fiber.

C-Lium Fiber

Alkaline water.

alkaline water

Slurpee, like the one in 7-eleven stores.


The power rice.

power rice



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