Visiting The World Food Exhibition 2013

I visited WOFEX 2013 yesterday. Here is the list of what I saw.

– Fully automated packaging lines
– Semi automatic packaging machines
– Heavy duty bakery equipment
– Vegetable peelers and slicers
– Grated coconut press
– Printing companies, labels
– Food packaging: paper cups, reusable canisters
– Inline package printers, for products codes, batch numbers and expiry dates
– Different type of grinders
– Kitchen on the Go, a kart kitchen for on the road food business
– Variety of digital weighing scales and load cells.
– Bakery ingredients
– Meat products and meat ingredients.
– Meat slices, blenders and …
– Junk foods
– Vitamin supplements
– Zagu like business package – from all needed ingredients and equipment.
– Cotton candy maker
– Different types of food cold storage, refrigerators, freezers, blast freezers and open type chillers.
– Petron gasul
– Stoves, heavy duty gas stove and induction type.
– Wine, spirits and herbal alcoholic drinks.
– Korean mushrooms, several species.
– Coffee equipment from Probat, roaster, coffee brewer and espresso machines.
– Native style chocolate, like the one we are making.
– Souvenirs from PEP merchandising. T-shirt, polo shirt, lanyard, pins, hat, magazines and mugs.
– Coffee bending machine. The one which give instant coffee after inserting a five peso coin.
– Carageenan with sample applications, the Mr. Gulaman, ice cream and unknown sausage.
– Stackable crates, for foods and dishes
– Red and yello bell peppers
– Siopao, siomai, fish balls, squid balls and kikiams
– Hopia
– Noodles
– Food display cabinets
– Food seminars. I never attended any. I had limited time.

There are lots of free taste. About 70% of exhibitors were offering a small piece of there product. There were more than enough to fill my tummy. Eating an actual lunch was not needed.

I collected brochures and calling cards. I will try to sort and publish them after few days. They might be useful to people hunting for specific products and equipment.

WOFEX 2013 was held in two venues, July 31 to August 3, 2013. WOFEX Trade was in World Trade Center while the WOFEX Marketplace was in SMX Convention Center. More consumer goods were available in Marketplace while more industrial products were in Trade.

WOFEX marketplace entrance

The registration was 150 pesos, unless a sponsored ticket is in hand. It was good for the entire event duration, fro two venues, provided the name tag is intact. There were free rides from World Center to SMX and vice versa for visitors convenience.

Other useful observations and images will be shown on next posts.


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