Rambutan Tree With Fruits That Never Turns Red, The Tuklapin Variety

Brother asked me where can he buy good variety rambutan seedlings. I replied, go to Cavite State University. The school is propagating rambutan seedlings, the tuklapin variety.

There are two rambutan varieties depending on how the flesh is attached to seed. The tuklapin variety – the flesh can be taken off easily from seed. The supsupin variety – the flesh are attached firmly to seeds. One should suck it hard to enjoy the yummy rambutan. The tuklapin variety is preferred by many.

Brother bought seedlings, my two uncles and mother bought too. Of course, they bought the tuklapin variety.

After few years all the trees started bearing fruits. Mother’s tree is planted in front of her house. It also bear fruits but all them never turns red. This variety is so yummy that a yellowish fruit is good enough for the tummy.  If someone found a yellow colored fruit, other would get it if he don’t.

I think I already told this story somewhere in this site. I just can’t remember where!

rare ripe rambutan


Update as of May 1, 2012. Recently, I got a ripe rambutan from auntie’s tree. It was a supsupin. Auntie reminded me that it was really a tuklapin. She never knew why it turned out as supsupin.  Jump in to read the rest…


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