Zagu as Coolant on Our Way Back Home

When the drink mix called Zagu came to existence, it became talk of the town. It was like a trending topic on Twitter and a very popular video on YouTube.  It seemed like every person I talked to was wanting to have zagu. Uncountable number of businesses popped like mushrooms. However, like mushrooms, majority of them are short live. Very few lasted. The brand Zagu is one of the very few.

Zagu SM DasmarinasZagu based from the word sago, are tiny hard beads which become large jelly-like marbles when soaked in boiling water. They are popular as flavoring or more accurately as decorations to street samalamig. The lowly sago became so popular when the zagu craze boomed.

To make sagu, mixture of crushed ice and flavoring of choice are mixed in blender. The flavorings perhaps have emulsifier, the likes of pectin, carrageenan and carboxymethylcellulose. Such is necessary to hold bubbles and maintain the foamy structure.  The formed mixture is then added with cooked sago, gulaman in some instances, capped and inserted with straw.

preparing cappuccino zaguThe ambiance inside the department store is cool and so relaxing. The situation outside is the reverse. We are about to go home,  the flaming sun is sure to make our skin dryer, body more uncomfortable, make us sweat and cause headache in the end. Taking Zagu while going home is sure a good way to cool our body down despite of the heat.

two orders of cappuccino zagu

It worked, I can feel the sun’s heat all over my skin but I still feel comfortable as I sip the ice cold drink. However, the last sip made my head achy, I got a brain freeze.

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