Arrowroot Cookies Covered with 70% Dark Chocolate

arrowroot cookies dark chocolate

I did this short test for three reasons. First, friend suggestion. The maker of Marinduque’s delectable arrowroot cookies. She said, It would be nice if the cookie could be coated with dark chocolate. Second, I always like creating something new with chocolate. The taste of dark chocolate and then suddenly exploding arrowroot cookie flavor. I cannot wait to put it inside my mouth. Third. A new chocolate variant for customer to try. I will consider coating other Pinoy delicacies after a successful trial.

We brought home packs of arrowroot cookies as pasalubong. However, I kept one for my own selfish desire.

I prepared the 70% cocoa liquor as usual. My own but not secret style of tempering. I needed to move quickly. The liquid was expected to get thicker every second making it harder to managed. Not a problem if it was intended for plain bars. I can pour every tempered batch into moulds in a jiffy. Not a problem either if an expensive continuous V Tempering Machine is on hand. I had to do it the hard way and think of affordable solutions later.

I opened the pack of arrowroot cookies. Selected the wholes and kept the rest for kids. Placed them in strainer and tapped gently several times to remove the adhering powder and broken pieces. I don’t want them to get mixed up in liquid chocolate.

I held one cookie with the regular frying forceps. Dipped it in liquid chocolate. Tapped it against the bowl lid removing excess. Placed on plate with smooth surface. Then refrigerate for about 30 minutes.

Frying forceps is not the right tool for the job but it is the quickest I could get. Removing excess coating was hard as a result. The final product came out nicely from refrigerator but excessive chocolate coating was evident.

arrowroot cookies dark chocolate


If I let the whole thing melts slowly in mouth. The intense chocolate builds up then covered suddenly by delicious cookie. Most persons will bite it suddenly and chew immediately. I did. The cookie was very pronounced and the chocolate was almost unnoticed. As it taste disappeared, the 70% dark chocolate coating became pronounced and lingered.

My partner in life liked it more.

I wrapped the rest individually in aluminum foil and store for later.


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