Try: Skip Bean Roasting


For the reason so many beans are wasted. Many of them actually have good nibs (broken, halves, shells off). However, they are likely to get burnt when roasted together with selected batches. I am throwing them all away with little hesitation.


For the reason, there are small chocolate makers who are successful in winnowing raw fermented beans. By the book, the practice winnowing-before-roasting requires pre-heat treatment to ease shell separation off nibs. These chocolatier I am speaking of winnow raw beans directly.

For the reason some bean to bar makers are omitting one essential step, the roasting process. I want to try it too, but never wanted to use the good selected beans. I will be using the rejected bean with good nibs for this experiment.

For the reason the idea is new and different. It may attract new adventurous buyers.

For the reason of less heat application. There are roaming claims, skipping roasting preserves more nutrients and antioxidants. The resulting product would be attractive to health conscious customers.

For the purpose of using less resources. Roasting requires several things. The roasting machine itself, electricity for for turning the roasting drum, electricity again for electric fueled type, liquefied petroleum gas, and labor. Without roasting, these resources will be lessened.


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