Cocoa Nibs Tea / Steeping Method

steeped cocoa nibs

Now that I am satisfied with my main raw materials (cocoa beans) and the roasting process, I can try what I want besides making chocolate and chocolate drink. A drink made by steeping, brewing or boiling the cocoa nibs. Extracting only the flavors without including the solid part. I know a certain company is marketing this kind in the name of choffy and a great offering in artisinal chocolate shops.

I first try the steeping method using this tea contraption. Use a mug of recently boiled water and two tablespoons of cocoa nibs. I let the nibs as is, no particle size reduction committed. Steeping time is about five minutes, followed by about 15 minutes of enjoyment.

small tea pot

It is more like a tea than a chocolate drink. Taste very much like it with a faint wine and chocolate taste, but without the astringency. I find it very enjoyable. I feel wanna make it part of my morning routine. Hmmm… I could’ve been tastier if I reduced the nibs to smaller particles or perhaps boiled a little.

steeped cocoa nibs

On the contrary, I feel a bit guilty on the used nibs. There is nowhere for it to go but back to where it came from, to land as fertilizer. Water and chocolate are natural enemies so it cannot be used to make one.


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