Cacao Bean Embryo Removal

I have been doing my best to make my product the best as possible. However, my best always seems not enough. Through reading, I am always finding a better technique to experiment on. A possible way to improve it further.

Recently, I read a post in A man asking about removing the bean radicle before grinding. About a way to efficiently remove a part of the embryo, the roots. For two reasons, the root is slightly bitter and harder than the rest of nibs. So it might result to smoother texture and better flavor.

I was thinking. Is there really a way to remove the cacao bean embryo in efficient manner. You have to look at it one by one and pick it off. In case of roasted beans, it is hard to locate upon crushing. In fact, I can never distinguish roots from the rest. Or, I feel it is to laborious to do so.

The answer of cocoa master. The thing is not worth doing.  Removing them is not worth the time and expected flavor changes will almost be unnoticeable.

I almost forgot about it, then a member of Facebook Group, Well Tempered, asked about a certain machine. A machine that could remove cocoa bean radicle.

I replied with a question. Asking if such feat is really possible.

Yet another replied. Radicle removal is possible with older cacao winnowing machine but kind of forgotten with the modern replacements.

Without even trying. Without even looking closely at the bean. I strongly think tinkering with them one by one is not worth the time and effort. Removing the shell by winnowing and then the remaining manually should be enough.


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