Juice From Cocoa Bean Pulp…

I think the idea is unique and interesting. A new use for cacao. It could be a hit as people might find it interesting. Or maybe not. There are too many availabe juice variants on grocery shelves.

Cacao pod is similar to santol at some point. The seeds are covered with juicy delicious mucilage. People often suck them for enjoyment. They are juicy but not sufficient to be a good source of juice for drinking. On the other hand, with few tweaks, like adding enough water and application of heat, it could be a nice source.

The method I said is fine for santol, in which the seeds are of no use. On the other hand, the most sought part of cacao are the beans. They are processed to delicios chocolate. Currently, the demand for cacao beans is so huge that farmers can’t supply it.

Now if we truly extract cacao pulp with heat and water, we are depriving it to undergo proper fermentation. We have juice in the end, but the remaining beans are no longer within the standard.

There is another method to extract juice. That is allowing cacao to ferment properly and collect the drippings. Traditional wooden boxes can be replaced with food grade plastic container or stainless steel. Installation of faucet may faciliate collection. Depending on time, the product could either be wine or vinegar.

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