Chocolate Drink From Brew and Espresso Machines

Can we use filter drip and espresson machine to extract chocolate flavor from nibs/fine ground nibs? Well, I tried it with nibs before and all I got was little brownish liquid simlar to tea, and indeed tasted like a dried soaken leaves with minute trace of chocolate flavor. It was good enough if it was all that we wanted. However if we are looking for a full bodied chocolate, this method is off the chart.

This matter has been tested and discussed by Water and oil don’t mixed well, unless hold together by emulsifier. If we go back to our old chemistry class, the medium use for extracting oil from solids is petroleum ether family. The like of collecting oil from peanut for analysis.

Chocolate processing basics. Fermented cacao beans are dried down to 7% moisture content. Roasting drives off most of the remaining. Lastly, refining and conching leaves almost no moisture at all. Why? Water is chocolate’s enemy. Nibs with moisture will result to thickened masss and probably machine stop. It also makes tempering and molding harder. Water droplet incidentally drops to chocolate liquor will cause seizing and dull discoloration. Now, imagine what happens with nibs (fine and coarse) when pass with hot water from filter drip machine or espresso?

Probably, this works well on commercially prepared cocoa powder. For the reason of high efficiency extraction, cocoa mass is alkalized and pressed under high pressure. It leaves minimal cocoa butter behind, almost no hindrance to extraction.

Some people might have the idea of mixing nibs and ground coffee together. I suggest not. It is better to prepare them separately and mixed to a desired proportion before serving.


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