Cocoa Butter Leaks

cocoa butter tray marks

Why are all the trays dirty right before using. I need to wipe them hard with damp towel every time. I am sure, I have never used it on any other purpose except roasting dried and fermented cacao beans. Stacking and storing them dry right after every operation. Still, they are dirty before every roasting.

I am not referring to dirt carried by air, what I am talking about are this brown streaks.

cocoa butter tray marks

I let it slide. I thought it was not worth the time and effort. Time flies that it took me several years to figure out what are those.

They are cocoa butter. Look closely at image. Numerous cacao bean shape traces are drawn on near tray sides.

According to literature. A part of cocoa butter content is transferred from nibs to shell during the roast process. If winnowing is done prior, then the lost butter would have been preserved. The amount that could be extracted would be higher. For this reason, companies engaged in butter production opt for winnowing before roasting.

The evidence at hand tells me the literature validity. The butter not only went to the shells but passed through it and reached the metal trays.

Another room for improvement. Our chocolate flavor could be better if the unknown amount of butter loss is prevented.

If I winnow before roast, the butter might transfer directly from nibs to metal trays. There is no better way to find out than trying.

Virgin and raw chocolate production requires no roasting. They save on fuel, labor cost and ultimately prevent the loss of precious cocoa butter.

Cocoa bean supply is currently short. Butter price is attractive and the demand is rather high. For these reasons, every drop of cocoa butter counts.


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