Cocoa Hulls for Making Tea

This is interesting. The artisans of Undone Chocolate mentioned cocoa hulls make a delicious tea. I never know how, maybe just steeping or boiling a handful of hulls in water will do the trick.

Unfermented cocoa bean shells have kind of nasty taste, too bitter and astringent. Fermented shells are kind of woody and dusty flavored. Now I am wondering how it taste when prepared like a tea.

At this point, the best use of husk is for fertilizing cocoa tree. Mine fertilize different plants including weeds because I am dumping it near random flora. I thought of including it in hand-made paper but experts told me not to. It contain a lot of nutrients needed by plants and so better be besides their roots.

Going to save some husks for trial.

update: September 20, 2015.

So, after I finished my last batch. I saved a glass half full of large hulls.  I tasted some to verify the flavor consistency. It is still what I said above, woody, dusty and kind of astringent.

I gathered my favorite contraption for tea preparation, the steep style tea pot. Placed the hulls in wire mesh and poured, a recently boiled water and swirl gently for few minutes.  I was considering this a preliminary trial so I never jotted down any measurement. If I ever liked the outcome, then I will do repeat trials to get the formulations to my liking.

Unfortunately, there was no appreciable change after tea preparation. The solution tasted woody, dusty and a bit astringent. I never liked it in short words.  A bit of sugar never made the thing better.

I ingested a few sips and threw off the rest on kitchen sink. I think it is not worth it or just lack a bit of research.



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