Using Cocoa Shell for Gardening

Finally my problem about cocoa shells have been resolved. My uncle who is a garden lover caught me dumping them just anywhere. He stopped me. Gathered two buckets, and asked me to put them there. He said, he is buying coco coir for compost making. He will give the free cocoa shells from me a shot.

I have been trying to make my cocoa production eco-friendly. Already using fully recyclable aluminum foil as primary packaging and cheap kraft paper as outer label. They are folded and cut with zero wastaged.

According to my cocoa bean source, one of the most useful application of cocoa shells is natural fertilizer. Farmers are putting them back beside cocoa trees together with pods. Others claim, no organic fertilizer is needed when harvesting starts. A good step to organic farming.

I don’t do farming and I don’t own a farm or garden either. So compost making is not for me.

Through diligent reading, I discovered two related uses that are not hard to impliment. The first is using the husk as tea. Second, using it as flavoring, the so called “bitters”. I tried tea first but I don’t quite like it. Why would I sell product I don’t like.

I never had a chance to do cocoa shell tea improvement because someone told me, there are news of cocoa having ochratoxin (a carcinogen), that are mostly concentrated in shells. It halted me and will not continue unless I find it safe.

For the time being, all cocoa shell will be for my uncle’s farm.

cocoa shells


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