Exploring Other Winnower Designs : Dual Cyclone and Bird Seed Cleaner


My cocoa bean cracker winnower is doing fine, except for the cracker that needs a bit of adjustment. I wanted to make finishing touches so I can present it to visitors with pride. However, production schedule is getting hectic. Taking it apart for beautification will surely cause delay.

My best option is a complete rebuilt base on existing prototype. I was already in the planning stage but instead, I went detour. I explored two other possible designs. Hoping to come up with faster and more efficient option.

The first is the two cyclone separator combo. The first cyclone is meant to separate the nibs from shells. The second cyclone is to prevent the shells from reaching the vacuum device.


I went on stroll and found two plastic water bottle suitable as vortex. Three days passed and I tested it two times.

It was working. Very slow! Feeding cracked roasted beans faster jeopardized the effectivity of separation. It was disappointing. It was powered with 220 volts 1500 watts vacuum and yet my current device which only consumes 20 volts 30 amps power is two times faster.

Next is the common bird seed cleaner prototype. Designs found on web are made mostly of wood with one side glass for viewing purposes.


I made my first prototype in a jiffy. Compose of two empty carton boxes. Tested it right after connecting to my 20 volts 30 amps DIY vacuum.

It worked well. Almost comparable to my current machine. I think I will focus more on this during my free time. Not on carton but on making new improved design. Preferably acrylic so I can see what’s going on inside.


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